PHOTO ESSAY: Occupy Wall Street hits streets to make one year of taking on the 1%

These photos were taken in New York on September 17 by Edward Leavy, who maintains a photo blog here.

The Occupy movement held rallies across the United States on September 17 to mark the first anniversary of the protests that attacked the corrupt and abusive rule by the richest 1%. listed actions in 28 US cities and in at least 10 other places around the world on September 17.

People marched in New York's financial district, at a series of events had a festive mood, raising issues of debt, education, the environment, workers' rights and more.

About 185 people were arrested. said: “Some protesters were handcuffed for non-violent civil disobedience inside private financial institutions, but many were plucked at random off the sidewalk; one white-shirted officer gave the command to 'Go grab some bodies.'”

Read our full article on the Occupy protests on September 17.

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