'Perfect place' for a waste dump


'Perfect place' for a waste dump

By Natalie Zirngast

DARWIN — Thirty people from Everyone for a Nuclear-Free Future (ENuFF) protested against federal environment minister Senator Robert Hill's presence here on July 30.

The action involved street theatre in which protesters dressed up as employees of the Nexus corporation and cordoned off State Square in front of the Northern Territory Parliament House.

Other protesters, dressed as Nexus spokespeople, then told the audience, "Since the Northern Territory is prepared to export uranium, it should also take responsibility for nuclear waste. Since the NT parliament has no life or culture to speak of, State Square makes a perfect site for a nuclear waste dump."

Some of the protesters wearing Robert Hill masks then battled with the Nexus "workers" as they tried to bring waste drums into State Square. The Nexus "spokespeople" eventually backed down, declaring that the corporation would not proceed with the dump in State Square because "there was too much opposition".

If only it was so easy!