Human rights in US I have just read what could well be described as one of the most important books of the year: United States of America: Rights for All, published by Amnesty International, 153 absorbing pages, just nine months
Dhyta Caturani: 'Nothing has changed' JAKARTA — People's Democratic Party (PRD) leader DHYTA CATURANI was seriously injured by a plastic bullet shot into her back at point blank range by police at a July 1 protest outside the electoral commission
Disabled condemn government neglect By Sean Healy SYDNEY — People with Disabilities (NSW) Inc held a public meeting on July 31 to condemn the "unprecedented disability policy and funding crisis". More than 8000 people with disabilities in NSW
New forms, new truths Falling LeafSiroccoABC Music through EMI Review by Barry Healy A new release by Australian world music group Sirocco is always welcome. I've lost track of how long their swirling mix of Irish whistle, didgeridoo, percussion
By Jonathan Singer The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has announced it will establish an industry-wide trust fund to pay workers' sick leave, annual leave, long service leave, severance pay and other accruable entitlements. The AMWU is also
A struggle of heroism and valour They Spoke Out Pretty GoodBy Elaine DarlingJanoan Media Exchange, 281ppSend $26 to Elaine Darling4 Warattah Court, Wurtulla Qld 4575 Review by Bob Brown The title of Elaine Darling's book was taken from May
It is possible that Governor Tom Ridge will sign a new death warrant for Mumia Abu-Jamal soon, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. The move is motivated by the state's desire to force Abu-Jamal's legal team to file for a writ of habeas corpus
By Srini and Shane Bentley SYDNEY — "Foreign students go AWOL", screamed the headline of the July 14 Australian. Three hundred international students are out of pocket and face the risk of deportation following the collapse of the National
Academics strike at UNSW By Bea Brear SYDNEY — Classes at the University of New South Wales were cancelled on July 28, the third time this year, because of industrial action by academic staff. Since October, the National Tertiary Education
East Timor protest in Blue Mountains By Shane Bentley SPRINGWOOD — On July 25, 40 people rallied here in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney to demand freedom for East Timor and an end to the violence against pro-independence East Timorese.
Indonesian trade union leaders to tour By Pip Hinman SYDNEY — Plans are well under way for the national speaking tour, from August 8, of Indonesian trade union leader Dita Sari. Dita's tour, organised by Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and
Vote in East Timor delayed again By Jon Land On July 28, a spokesperson for United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan announced that the referendum on independence for East Timor will be delayed yet again. August 30 has been scheduled as the
The left after the ANC election victory By Dale T. McKinley JOHANNESBURG — The African National Congress (ANC) still commands overwhelming support amongst the South Africa's poor and working class, who are the vast majority of the population.
Petition to free Mordechai Vanunu By Mervyn Murchie Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear technician who worked at Israel's Dimona nuclear establishment, was kidnapped by Israel's secret police, Mossad, on September 30, 1986. He was condemned to 18 years'
By Bea Brear SYDNEY — The NSW Labor government has announced significant changes to the state's drug policies in the wake of the Drug Summit. The new measures are in line with a number of the recommendations of the summit, including a focus on
... and ain't I a woman?: No sister of mine The clearing of Carmen Lawrence of charges of lying under oath in relation to her evidence at the Marks Royal Commission in 1995 has been greeted with a cheer by many feminists. Lawrence's imminent


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