People's inquiry builds momentum


People's inquiry builds momentum

Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor's People's Inquiry into Australian governments' "special relationship" with Indonesia and complicity in the East Timor genocide is attracting a lot of interest in several cities.

From Wollongong, Stefan Skibicki reports that many locals have sponsored the inquiry, which will be held on December 11. Speakers there will include a doctor who has just returned from East Timor and Colin Hollis, the federal member for Throsby, who will be part of an ALP delegation to East Timor departing this week.

Retired diplomat James Dunn, former MP George Petersen, retired teacher Mairi Petersen, jazz musician Vince Jones, the Wollongong East Timor Coalition, Jim Bradley from the Teachers' Federation, Andrew Hall from the Democratic Socialist Party and Andy Gianniotis from Resistance have joined initial sponsors, retired trade unionist Fred Moore and peace activist Dr Margaret Perrott. Further endorsements and offers to speak are arriving each day.

From Brisbane, Mike Byrne reports that plans for that city's inquiry are well advanced. ASIET is opening the hearing on December 11 at 2pm at St Mary's Church, 20 Merivale Street, South Brisbane.

Speakers will include Joe Teixeira, the Brisbane representative of the National Council of Timorese Resistance, and Jason McLeod, from Faith and Resistance who has been active in the campaign against the training of Indonesian troops at the Canungra army base in south-east Queensland. Katrina Barben from ASIET will speak about the forced sterilisation of East Timorese women carried out by the occupying Indonesian forces.

An interactive media display, including videos and photographs from the independence struggle, is also planned.

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