By Norm Dixon At least 43 people in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger delta region have been killed in the opening hours of an invasion by federal troops. The people of the delta have long demanded an end to the environmental and social vandalism caused by
ACT Members First wins three branch positions. By Stuart Martin CANBERRA — Results were close in the ACT branch elections of the Community and Public Sector Union, the rank and file group Members First winning three of six positions. Penny
By Zanny Begg On November 23, staff from the Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander STUDIES (FATSIS) received letters from the Northern Territory University stating that their jobs had been "disestablished". These redundancies are a
By Robert Darcy Forty inspectors from the International Transport Workers Federation of Australia will inspect foreign ships entering Australian ports next week. The blitz is part of an ITF Asia Pacific week of action against the exploitation of
Mbeki calls for 'black capitalist class' By Norm Dixon South African President Thabo Mbeki told the annual conference of the Black Management Forum on November 20, "Because racism lives, the struggle continues. As part of the aim to eradicate
By Andy Gianniotis A proposal by the NSW government to fine people or organisations that engage in street advertising has been shelved. The proposed amendment was part of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 1999. Had it been
By Jorge Jorquera QUITO — On November 23, thousands of Amazonians marched and rode on horseback into Ecuador's capital, as part of a nationwide march "against being forgotten". Their principal demand was that US$2 from every barrel of oil
By Linda Kaucher LONDON — In Britain, many huge estates have been in the hands of the same privileged families for centuries, and because registering land ownership is not compulsory until there's an ownership transaction, it is difficult even to
Wrong people, wrong purpose Just about everyone is supporting John Howard's new "Timor tax" to fund the Australian Defence Force commitment there. Labor leader Kim Beazley immediately supported it, as did the Democrats' Meg Lees. The Australian
By Bernie Wunsch LISMORE — The September elections for the Lismore (Southern Cross University) student representative council (SRC) resulted in a clean sweep for the broad left ticket. For the first time in years, the SRC is made up of committed
By Jim Green The federal government's plan to dump nuclear waste in northern South Australia may have to be scrapped because of fierce opposition in the state. Indicative of the opposition was the attendance of more than 900 people at a public
'Our trust' By Brandon Astor Jones "If Hollywood adopts the attitude of ... putting money behind African-American themed dramas such as The Best Man, maybe our Black actors [will not] have to risk extinction by simply holding out for