'Our trust' By Brandon Astor Jones "If Hollywood adopts the attitude of ... putting money behind African-American themed dramas such as The Best Man, maybe our Black actors [will not] have to risk extinction by simply holding out for
Scottish Socialists make big gains in first year By Pamela Currie and Lisa Young GLASGOW — The phenomenal rise of the Scottish Socialist Party since its launch in October 1998 is an inspiration to socialists. A working example of socialist
By Jim Green The federal government's plan to dump nuclear waste in northern South Australia may have to be scrapped because of fierce opposition in the state. Indicative of the opposition was the attendance of more than 900 people at a public
By Simon Butler Most students, and much of the wider community, recognise that there is a crisis in tertiary education funding. The Howard government promotes the introduction of increased student fees and university privatisation as the only
Ignoring people and wasting technology Who would have thought it? The end of the millennium is upon us (or will be in 13 months, depending on your view), and its most important feature is a technology stuff-up. The Y2K bug, as it has been labelled,
Pro-choice supporters link By Kamala Emanuel COOLUM, Queensland — Two hundred people participated in four days of plenaries, workshops and informal discussion at the international Abortion in Focus conference here on November 12-15. The
Feeling SexyWritten and Directed by Davina AllenProduced by Glenys RoweOpens nationally December 23 Review by Melanie Sjoberg This film offers a promising journey into the passionate world of fantasy and young love intruded upon by the harsh
Timorese condemn Ruddock's 'hampering' of inquiry By Karen Fredericks BRISBANE — The spokesperson for the Brisbane East Timorese community has hit out at the refusal by federal immigration minister Philip Ruddock to grant the International
Nuclear fuel secretly shipped from Sydney By Jim Green SYDNEY — On November 25, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation trucked 308 spent fuel rods from its Lucas Heights reactor plant to Port Botany. The fuel rods are being
People's inquiry builds momentum Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor's People's Inquiry into Australian governments' "special relationship" with Indonesia and complicity in the East Timor genocide is attracting a lot of interest in
By Dr Sharon Beder When the Olympic Games begin in the year 2000, you can expect to see them hyped as the "greenest" summer Olympics of all time. But a massive toxic waste dump will lie underneath the fine landscaping of the Olympic site.
By Natalie Zirngast "The car has made the big city uninhabitable ... Thus, since cars have killed the city, we need faster cars to escape on superhighways to suburbs that are even farther away. What an impeccable circular argument: give us more
To add your name to the following petition, or obtain copies for wider distribution, please phone (02) 9690 1230, fax (02) 9690 1381, or e-mail <glw@greenleft.org.au>. In 1997 Australia became infamous because of the rapid rise of the
By Eva Cheng Headed by the US, the rich countries will increase their plundering of the rest of the world if they have their way in the coming round of world trade haggling likely to take place in the next three years under the auspices of the
Going out of business "Universities are the absolute foundation upon which all scientific output is based, but it is almost as if the government has announced a going out of business sale." — Young Australian of the year Dr Bryan Gaensler,
Trespassers prosecuted Here we are, somewhere in the south Pacific. That's the big picture: a big brown stain in a puddle. Those in the know didn't know about this spot for some time. It was terra incognito — the secret country. The first


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