Penalty rates key issue at 'largest' Labour Day march

Opposition to penalty rate cuts was a strong feature of the May Day rally

The Brisbane Labour Day rally was touted as "historic" and one of the largest rallies in recent years with approximately 30,000 unionists marching in Brisbane. Other rallies took place in regional centres around Queensland.

Opposition to penalty rate cuts was strong throughout the rally with most union contingents featuring signs on the issue. Queensland Council of Unions officials also highlighted the issue on the day.

The new secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions Sally McManus spoke at the rally and reaffirmed the importance of workers taking action to defend our interests.

As usual a number of community groups and social movement campaigns joined the march, including a contingent from the Women's Abortion Rights Campaign. WARC had a good response calling for abortion law reform in the current term of parliament.

The Queensland Labour Day rally is the biggest in May Day action in Australia.