Palestinians remember the Deir Yassin massacre

Palestininian refugee camp, 1948.

The Palestine Action Group released the following statement on April 9.

* * *

Today, April 9, we remember 67 years since the Deir Yassin massacre. Over 100 Palestinians were murdered, with many children left orphaned. Palestinians soon began to leave their homes after witnessing such atrocities, even before the mass exodus that came with the Nakba.

And still 67 years on, the effects of diaspora are being felt harshly by Palestinians. After being forced to flee their homeland, Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp are under attack yet again.

Although it is not Zionists attacking them now, we must not forget what bought them to the refugee camps. And 67 years on, we must remind the world that we have not forgotten the ethnic cleansing and mass exodus of Palestinians. We have not forgotten the Nakba. We are preparing the actions to remember the 67th Anniversary of the initiation of the Nakba. We say initiation because it never stopped and is continuing today.

[The Palestine Action Group will be holding a rally to commemorate the Nakba on May 15, at 6.30pm at Sydney Town Hall.]