Occupy Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane continue camps, new actions planned

Day 2 of Occupy Melbourne in City Square, October 16.

Ongoing occupations of public spaces were continuing on October 17 in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in opposition to corporate domination and exploitation. The actions began on October 15 as part of the "United for Global Change" actions that took place in around the world.

These global actions, initially called by Spain's movement of The Indignant, were also in solidarity with the movement that began in New York and has spread to more than 150 cities and towns across the United States.

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is taking place in City Square on Swanston Street. About 2000 people took part on October 15. As well as regular general assemblies and stalls from a range of groups, a "people's library" has also been set up.

The camp is being supported by, among other groups, the Victorian branches of the Communication Workers Union, the National Union of Workers and the Unite union.

In Sydney, occupiers in Martin Place have defied police, who banned any attempt to "camp" with tents or mattresses on the night of October 15. About 1000 people turned out on October 15 and dozens continue to sleep overnight.

Campers have stayed despite these imposed hardships, with dozens of people sleeping on the concrete, and sweeping and cleaning the occupied area early every morning.

The camp is supported by the state branches of the Construction Forestry Energy Union, the Maritime Union of Australia, the National Tertiary Education Union as well as the Canterbury Bankstown Teachers Association. The CFEMU and MUA have donated $1000 each to the occupation.

The Sydney occupiers are holding general assemblies every night at 6.30pm to discuss and organise the occupation and the movement. Every day at 1pm, a workshop will be held on a different political issue and an open mic speakout is scheduled for 4pm every day.

The October 16 general assembly voted to organise a rally in support of the Occupy movement for next Saturday, October 22 at 12pm at the camp in Martin Place.

said on October 17: "A compromise has been made with the police where all the possessions of the occupation have been reorganised and moved to a space that is less likely to interfere with the public.

"Many occupiers have gone back to their jobs leaving a core group of more than 40 people to hold the fort and engage with a very curious public.

"The occupation is expected to swell again dramatically at 6.30pm for the daily General Assembly, aka the cornerstone of the Sydney Occupation. All are welcome, just be sure to bring plenty of patience as participating in actual democracy tends to require it. We are however getting better at running these things, so efficiency (and numbers) are increasing!"


said on October 16: On October 16, Occupy Brisbane said an estimated 450 people passed through Post Office Square over October 15 and about 50 people stayed for the first night's occupation. It said "one surprising element amidst the day's activities was the strong support from some local businesses" and individuals -- with several hundred dollars, tents, food and water donated to the occupiers.

A live stream of Occupy Brisbane can be watched

Hundreds of people also took action on October 15 in Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

In Perth, activists plan to begin an indefinite occupation to coincide with the CHOGM meeting on October 15.

is holding a meeting on October 19 at 5.30 at The Old Exchange to plan further action.

will be meeting on October 18 at Room G052, Hayden-Allen Building, ANU (Ground floor) at 6pm.

An actions also took place in Darwin and ,em>Townsvilleon October 15. In Darwin, there are plans for protests every Wednesday evening at 5pm in the Smith Street Mall. Also, will meet on Sunday October 23, 1pm at the Strand (BBQ next to the D). with gather every Sunday in City Square for a people's assembly from 12pm-3pm.

Please send any further information, updates or photos and videos of the occupy events to weekly.greenleft@gmail.com .

Videos (below) from www.occupysydney.org.au .