NPA leader captured


NPA leader captured

MANILA — Philippine police on August 5 captured the top official of the New People's Army at a suburban hospital. He was apparently seeking treatment.

Romulo Kintanar was captured with his wife, Gloria Jopson, at the Makati Medical Centre. Kintanar is said to be the chief of staff of the NPA general command.

The couple had been arrested before, but escaped from the detention centre of Camp Crame, headquarters of the national police.

At least 10 other senior officers of the NPA General Command have been arrested in what military sources described as a coordinated operation by police and military intelligence services.

military officials said the arrests, particularly the recapture of kintanar, had virtually decimated the front-line members of the NPA General Command.

Kintanar is said to have overseen the formation of the NPA's urban guerilla units, which have killed several hundred police and military personnel over the past four years. — Inter Press Service/Pegasus