News by telephone


News by telephone

SYDNEY — The Byron Bay-based data communications network Pegasus will play a major role in communications for the June 1992 United Nations environment conference.

At a news conference here, Ian Peter, chief executive officer of Pegasus Networks, explained that Pegasus was able to carry out this role through its membership in the global Association for Progressive Communications, whose Brazilian member, IBASE, will provide the host computer services for UNCED.

From Brazil, information will be circulated to distribution networks around the world for distribution further afield. Pegasus is one of seven major hub sites.

Pegasus Special Projects Officer Andrew Garton has recently completed the initial project development for Greenhouse Action Online, which is a "subnet" (special conference area) within Pegasus. For more information about Pegasus, call Michael Ney, (02) 692 8168 or Pegasus Networks, (066) 85 6789. n