By Jacob Grech The Gulf War highlighted, amongst other things, the role of the international arms trade in fuelling wars. It even seemed at one stage that the arms trade might being questioned in the mainstream media. The fact that media

By Adrienne Barrett Violence is Ugly. That's the slogan of the Victorian government campaign against domestic violence. Its aims include greater police power in domestic violence situations, streamlining police procedures for initiating

Interview by Renfrey Clarke Chemistry graduate PAUL SOLER-SOLA has spent the past 10 months in the Soviet Union representing the US environmental organisation Ecologia. He has spent much of this time travelling through the USSR meeting

By Jon Lamb PERTH — It will be some time before an accurate assessment can be made of the long-term effects of the oil spill in the Jurien Bay area of Western Australia. It is certain, though, that the spill poses a serious threat to the fragile

LONDON — The G7's July 17 setting of a deadline on the GATT trade negotiations proved that politicians can act on an issue if they are serious about it, Greenpeace said on the same day. Spokesperson Yasuko Matsumoto commented that the G7 "say

By Kim Shipton After taking an eye-opening journey to the depths of the Amazon forest, environmental journalists Stafford Sanders and Julie Browning spoke at a public forum in Sydney on June 27 organised by the Latin America solidarity group

Story and photo by Kim Spurway SYDNEY — "Living in Sydney" is the title of a conference being held here August 3-4 to address the issues raised by living in Australia's biggest city. The conference is divided into panel sessions followed by

National transport plan In a welcome recognition of a huge problem, the July 30 special premiers' conference in Sydney is to discuss a national approach to long-distance freight haulage. Unfortunately, the main proposals likely to come out of this

Threatened ginkgo Korea's environmental movement may one day owe its birth to a 1000-year-old ginkgo tree, and a dedicated preservationist, Cha Joon Yup, attempting to save the tree's life. Construction plans for one high-rise apartment in

Academics get political PERTH — Australian academics intend standing candidates in the next federal elections as a protest against government education cutbacks. Eight marginal Labor held seats will be targeted, including four in Western


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