By Kerry Parnell SYDNEY — More than 2000 lesbians participated in the inspiring conference "Living as Lesbians — Strengthening Our Culture", held at the University of Technology here July 12-14. Women worked together in a collective over

By Debra Wirth The 20,000 tonnes of crude oil which "escaped" into the seas off Western Australia made nationwide front page news for several days running. When it became disabled on Sunday, July 21, the Greek tanker Kirki left a slick at least 90

Academics get political PERTH — Australian academics intend standing candidates in the next federal elections as a protest against government education cutbacks. Eight marginal Labor held seats will be targeted, including four in Western

By Kevin Healy In a week when it was revealed that, since the socialist takeover of Canberra in 1983, the poor have become considerably poorer and the rich in True Blue Aussie With the Big Red Heart have become considerably richer, our great and

News by telephone SYDNEY — The Byron Bay-based data communications network Pegasus will play a major role in communications for the June 1992 United Nations environment conference. At a news conference here, Ian Peter, chief executive officer

By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The oil spill from the tanker Kirki off the Western Australian coast (see pages 12 and 13) has dramatically focussed attention on the threat of a disaster on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef. A 1988 report to a marine

By Melanie Sjoberg MELBOURNE — Colleen Hartland, a long-time activist in the western suburbs, will contest the seat of Footscray in the next state elections. She is a member of the Hazardous Materials Action Group, and was until recently a

B>ADELAIDE — The SA government has offered about 100,000 state public sector workers a package including a flat $12 wage rise and possible further productivity-linked rises to be negotiated at enterprise level. The offer follows a SA Industrial

Sorry Because of lack of space, we were unable to print a number of letters received this week. We will run as many as possible of them in the next issue.

By Norm Dixon The long-held view of the African National Congress that the South African government, its army and police are behind the murderous Inkatha violence has now been proved beyond any doubt. Leaked official documents have revealed that


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