New on Links: Russia's revolutions, Marx and Engels on ecology and Georg Lukacs' legacy


The Russian Revolutions of 1917

Two revolutions occurred in Russia in 1917. The first revolution, in February, overthrew the Russian monarchy. The second revolution, in October, created the world’s first workers’ state dedicated to building socialism. In an extended essay, Paul Le Blanc looks at these Earth-shaking events.

A reply to critics of Marx and Engels on ecology

A long-standing critique of the writings of Marx and Engels has been their supposed lack of concern for the environmental damage caused by capitalism. Worse, their conception of socialism showed a comprehensive disregard for human interactions with nature.

Chris Williams reviews a new book by Paul Burkett and John Bellamy Foster that answers these critics thoroughly.

Lukács, alienation and class consciousness

Georg Lukács was a hugely significant Marxist activist and philosopher. In Hungary, there is an attempt to write him out of history.

Counterfire's Chris Nineham discusses the core of Lukács' ideas on how our social relations are expressed in the form of traded objects, and the relationship between workers and the things they make.

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