Neither Labor nor Liberal deserve to run WA

August 23, 2008

The following is based on the Socialist Alliance's campaign leaflet for the September 6 Western Australian election.

In the state election, the ALP is campaigning on its "economic record", claiming responsibility for the mining boom.

This claim is untrue. Labor has simply let the corporations rip without thinking about the future.

Thanks to the irresponsibility of the mining giants and their Labor and Liberal parliamentary mouthpieces, WA will be tomorrow's Nauru - a moonscape of holes in the ground where the resources once were, with precious little to show for it.

The June 3 Varanus Island gas facility explosion followed years of both Labor and Liberal putting vital state resources into private hands while slashing public service regulation. Thirty per cent of WA's gas supply was cut off because a greedy company would not maintain a pipe.

Both major parties are promising to attack public services further. They both say schools and public hospitals should suffer while the precious budget surplus fills the treasury.

Socialist Alliance candidate Julie Gray is a laboratory technician working in the health sector and a Health Services Union delegate. She knows how hard it is to survive on ordinary wages as the boom drives up prices.

WA politicians are given fat salaries while nurses, public servants and teachers have to battle for measly pay rises.

Vote 1 Julie Gray in the Legislative Council seat of North Metropolitan!

The Socialist Alliance stands for a genuine workers' government. The ALP does not represent this. However, we oppose the election of a Liberal government, which would be even worse for the people of WA. Our first preferences go to the Greens, who stand for more progressive policies on the environment and social issues than Labor, then to the ALP. After the Liberal Party, we put the right-wing Family First and One Nation parties last.

Socialist Alliance says people and the planet before profits! Spread the boom's benefits among society!

End the 'two tier' boom

The surplus belongs to the people, not corporations.

•Increase the "social wage" through rebuilding the school system, improving public hospitals and helping troubled communities to empower themselves.

•Tax the corporations to pay for it.

A public health system for all

•Build a network of publicly owned and run local area hospitals so that ill people don't have to travel long distances for treatment.

•Provide more staff places so doctors and nurses can work safe hours.

Climate change emergency

Turn Perth into the "solar energy capital of the world".

•Regulate so that, where physically possible, every new house built or renovated must install solar hot water and voltaic cells (Leichhardt in Sydney has successfully done similar for years). Subsidise 100% of the cost through levying the coal industry.

•Retrofit all government buildings to maximise water collection, electricity production and solar hot water production.

•Reject the Liberals' insane plans for nuclear power!

No new coal-burning power stations

•Immediately stop construction of the proposed new coal power stations in Collie.

•Stop Western Power's Eastern Terminal Substation in Kalamunda, which would destroy 400 hectares of state forest.

Free and frequent public transport

•Ensure every household is within 10 minutes' walk of public transport.

•Make public transport 100% free.

•Build the Perth tramway system now; stop allowing housing developers to lock up the necessary land.

•Put four-car trains on every line.

Cycleways, not freeways

•Encourage cycling as a transport method.

•Complete all suburban cycleways and connect cycleways so that riders can avoid all roads.

•Construct a "circle route" of cycleways connecting outer suburbs.

•Widen cycleways so walkers are safe.

Don't extend the NT intervention into WA Aboriginal communities

•No forced relocation of the Kimberly region under the cover of closing "unviable communities" so mining companies can rip the heart out of the area.

•No income quarantining in Cannington or other Perth suburbs; help, not hassle, for families in trouble.

No to genetically modified crops

•Stop all trial plantings of genetically modified crops in WA.

•Keep GMOs out of the food chain; compulsory labelling of all foods containing GMOs, as in Europe.

•Legislate insurance liability onto Monsanto and the other GMO corporations where their seeds contaminate farmers' lands or if their products enter the food supply.

Join our election campaign meetings on Saturday August 23 and 30 at 12:30pm at the Resistance Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St. East Perth (near McIver station).

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