Marking 100 years since their murder, thousands pay respects to Luxemburg, Liebknecht in Germany

Marchers hold a placard of Rosa Luxemburg in Berlin.

Thousands marched through Berlin on January 13 to pay their respects 100 years after the brutal murders of revolutionary socialists Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, Morning Star Online said.

Marchers came from across Germany and many countries. They laid red flowers at the tombs of Luxemburg, Liebknecht and other revolutionaries in the Friedrichsfelde Socialist Cemetery in east Berlin.

The German communist leaders were assassinated in 1919 as the Spartacist revolt was crushed by the “Freikorps”, a far-right grouping of demobilised German soldiers, on the orders of Social Democrat Party leaders Friedrich Ebert and Gustav Noske. Many future members and leaders of the Nazi party served in the Freikorps.