Loose cannons



"With my skills in life, I am employable elsewhere." — NSW Labor right MLA Bob Martin, threatening to resign and cause a by-election if he was dropped from the front bench.


"If you only want to run for the big jobs, what does it say about your loyalty to the labour movement?" — NSW ALP left faction member Linda Downey, on reports that left member Bob Debus had agreed to run for the seat of Blue Mountains only if guaranteed one of the left's places in cabinet.

Give us that old time recession

"Jobs rise fuels growth fears" — Headline in the April 7 Financial Review.

As perceptive as Paul

"They [voters] have sent a fairly clear message on this occasion." — British PM John Major after his Tories won only 11% of votes in Scottish council elections.

In the meantime, there's Boris

"[US President Bill Clinton] said the US had "a lot of interest in a democratic and reformist Russia." — Sydney Morning Herald, April 6.

Don't tell Bill

"Even the KGB under Stalin didn't have such powers." — Human rights campaigner Sergei Grigoryants on the powers granted to the Russian Federal Counterintelligence Agency by a new law signed into existence by President Boris Yeltsin.


"Counterintelligence" is an unusually accurate name for that kind of organisation, isn't it?