Deal proposed on radioactive waste A leaked letter from South Australian Premier Dean Brown to Prime Minister Paul Keating reveals that the SA government is attempting to trade its opposition to a radioactive waste repository at Woomera for a
By Pip Hinman Australia will be well remembered for its role at the two-week climate conference in Berlin. With the so-called left winger Senator John Faulkner at the helm, the Australian delegation collaborated with a handful of rich countries
By Ladislas Niyongira [This article first appeared in the Rwandan newspaper Kinyamateka. An entire edition of the paper has been translated into French and English by the organisations Reporters Sans Frontieres and World Media Network and is
By Tim Dauth JOHANNESBURG — "Consolidate and advance": these are the tasks, delegates to the South African Communist Party Gauteng regional congress here decided on March 18-19. The congress recognised that the immediate task is to address the
Reconciling Australia: The Hard Questions — Four prominent Aborigines have their say about the woolly concept of "reconciliation" in a special four-part series. Barbara Flick, indigenous adviser to the AMA, John Ah Kit, executive director of the
The senator's skeletons The WA senator with domestic violence skeletons in his closet was forced on April 3 to resign from his position as deputy president of the Senate, after his admission of having bashed his wife. Resignation was his only
Thirty-seven people — 22 civilians and 15 alleged guerillas — were killed by the Indonesian army in West Papua between June 1994 and February 1995, according to a report released by the Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA) on April 5.
Blowout Comb Digable Planets EMI Reviewed by Zanny Begg Digable Planet's 1993 release Reaching (a New Refutation of Time and Space) was unforgettable. It had a catchy, slick beat. But what made the album really stay in your mind was its
Business as usual in NSW The election of Labor right-winger Bob Carr to the NSW premiership has hardly created a ripple. The unanimous view, it seems, is that the Carr government's policies won't deviate significantly from those of its Coalition
In the light of the recent talks in Ireland, the British Labour Party have put forward a proposal to devolve more powers to Scotland. SARAH STEPHEN was recently in Scotland and spoke to SHONA ROBINSON from the Scottish Nationalist Party. What is
By a US death row prisoner How do people end up on death row? Many would answer this question a million ways. Problems with family, the way you are raised, being poor, drugs etc. There is pressure upon the president. The way they run this
DITA SARI, general secretary of the Indonesian Centre for Working-Class Struggle (PPBI), came to Australia on the invitation of the Perth International Women's Day Collective and spoke at the IWD rally on March 11, where she highlighted the plight of
Lesbian Sex By the ACON Women's Team 1994 (Women and AIDS Project & Glidup) Reviewed by Kath Gelber "This booklet is for anyone who identifies as a woman and who has sex with other women", proclaims the first line in this informative
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Millions of workers throughout Russia are expected to join in job-site protests and street demonstrations on April 12, as the country's main labour federation mounts a day of action "against the worsening of the
By Dave Riley BRISBANE — A major factional spill during last year's state ALP conference dismembered the party's left wing. Two key left unions — the Miscellaneous Workers' Union and the metalworkers — allied themselves with factions of
By Maire Leadbeater AUCKLAND — The first structure to go up on the site of the occupied "Moutoa Gardens", now renamed Pakaitore Marae, was the traditional entrance gate. Tribal leaders assured the puzzled people of Whanganui, an attractive


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