Little Creatures gets grubby


The dispute between Little Creatures Brewery and Geelong’s workers over the use of sham contracting has continued into its fourth week. The dispute began on October 22.

Two unions have been hit with injunctions, preventing them from taking part in the protests.

A coach carrying 14 people, hired by Western Australian stainless steel making company the TFG Group, arrived on the morning of November 19. About a dozen protesters were still at the brewery gates.

As it approached, the bus sped up scattering protesters and police alike.

One protester was caught on the front of the bus and dragged 50 metres into the construction site, freeing himself just before being crushed against a building wall.

Three other protesters were injured and one police officer was almost run over.

The coach was owned by Crown Coaches, the same company used to ferry scabs during the Grollo dispute in Melbourne in September.

In response to a complaint, the police said the driver of the bus had been spoken to and no further action was being pursued. But the Geelong Advertiser said the next day that TFG “was looking for alternative transport arrangements”.

The protest group is selling T-shirts that say “Grubby Creatures – Making Geelong Bitter”. Proceeds from the first batch of shirts will go to Green Left Weekly. Visit the “Grubby Creatures Brewing” Facebook page.