Liberal stall attacked at O-week


Liberal stall attacked at O-week

By Nikki Ulasowski

CANBERRA — During the major orientation week market day at the Australian National University, the Liberal Club's stall was attacked twice. According to club members, the Australian flag was ripped up and the stall was smashed.

The Liberals have accused "a socialist youth organisation" of being behind the attack. The local media have implied that it was either Resistance or the International Socialist Organisation.

Resistance responded by stating that, while it disagrees with and campaigns against the Liberal government's attacks on students and working people, it does not think that smashing the Liberals' stall is useful.

Instead, it said, Resistance's focus is on building a political movement against the Liberal Party which involves students and working people.

A media release from the ANU Students' Association said: "This is a deliberate attempt by Liberals to get political mileage via sensationalism, exaggeration and innuendo. No club affiliated to the Students' Association, nor any of their members, had anything whatsoever to do with the alleged incidents involving the Liberal Club stall."