Letter from refugees: More moved by 'force and fraud'


An Iranian man known as Omid, who is held in the Nauru detention camp, has been on hunger strike for 33 days. Refugees said medical staff had told Omid his kidneys and brain were going to fail and he would be moved to hospital “in the coming days”.

The rest of the group decided to end their 13-day hunger strike this morning,

Another 24 asylum seekers were taken from Darwin to Nauru on November 12. They initially joined the hunger strike, but will also await Amnesty's visit. Asylum seekers held in the Nauru detention camp released the letter below on November 12. In it they describe Nauru police being called, refugees making shallow graves and others “losing their mental health”.


The government and people of Australia.

Today on 12/11/2012 is our 12th day of hunger strike.

25 more asylum seekers have been brought to the Nauru Hell from Darwin by force and fraud when they saw the worst condition of the detention centre they have also joined the hunger strike.

One another asylum seeker is suffering from the severe pain of tooth, from one week, instead of giving him treatment by the doctor; they called Nauru police, now he is out of order means, he naked himself in the whole camp.

We have seen four asylum seekers they have made imaginary graves for themselves because of losing their mental health.

Purpose of hunger strike is not to give us facilities here in Nauru Hell, we want to be shifted from this Hell Hole to Australia and our cases should be started immediately.

In this modern period no body wana keep a domestic animal in tent at a temperature of 42 Celsius for a day but unfortunately human being are living in Nauru Hell is such worst conditions. 

In short period we have seen asylum attempted suiciding, self-harming, mentally disturbed, stressed, naked themselves, protests and hunger strikes. So what will be result in the future? 

We request to the government and people of Australia save our lives and future.

Asylum seeker in Nauru