Legendary activist and singer-songwriter George Mann returns

George Mann.

George Mann is a folk singer from New York. He is also an activist, artist and staunch unionist.

Mann is returning to Australia to perform his inspiring collection of activist folk songs. He is an annual visitor to Victorian Trades Hall and Geelong Trades Hall. He has a dedicated following, especially among the trade unionists who love his rousing rendition of labour movement favourites like, “Union Maid” and “The Internationale”.

His energetic performances include songs to honour The Almanac Singers and other heroic unionist-songwriters like Joe Hill. He has also worked with great artists such as Utah Phillips, Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton.

Mann is a singing poet who is funny and sad, joyful and moving. Thanks to his connection with the Geelong Trades Hall Choir, he is performing again in Geelong and Melbourne.

You can catch Mann performing at Victoria Trades Hall at 7pm on March 4 and Geelong Trades Hall at 6pm on March 5.