Learning about history


Learning about history

"We're not putting him up there as a role model of any sort. What Milken did in the whole junk bond period really did change the face of corporate America, and I don't think there is any more dramatic way of learning about history than having one of its central participants there." University of California at Los Angeles associate dean Carol Scott on why the university has hired convicted securities fraudster Michael Milken as a business lecturer.


"I couldn't think of a better firm for anyone to do business with." — Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett on his family advertising agency, responding to (confirming?) accusations that he had used his position to benefit the firm.

If you have to have an opposition

"When Mr Keating first visited Jakarta in April last year, Indonesia's President Soeharto is said to have made it clear he was fascinated by the way Mr Keating dominated Parliament. So when Mr Keating returned to Australia he ordered a video to be made of edited highlights of his more theatrical efforts in Question Time and sent them to President Soeharto." — Sydney Morning Herald, October 27.

Peppery cook

"To make omelettes in this city, you have to break some eggs." — Australian developer Peter Purcell on his plans to knock down colonial landmarks in Hanoi as part of a development.


"If you scratch a Liberal, you find a person who is genuinely opposed to racism in any form." — Liberal leader John Hewson.