By Dave Wright Hobart — The Independent Reform Group will stand candidates for all official Public Sector Union positions in the November PSU Tasmanian branch elections. The IRG will be campaigning particularly against what it calls
Women and the Olympics It is seven long years till Olympics 2000 finally hit the sports stadiums of Sydney. But unless there are some rule changes in the meantime, women will be excluded from many events, including baseball, water-polo, modern
By Norm Dixon Three senior chemical company executives in South Africa are being tried for murder following the death of a worker from mercury poisoning in July. The case, believed to be the first prosecution of its kind, has exposed the callous
By Ana Kailis AUCKLAND — An October 29 Herald opinion poll shows support for the Alliance (composed of Greens, Democrats, NewLabour, Mana Motuhake and Liberals) growing. Support for the Alliance has risen from 12% a week ago to 17%. Pockets of
By Michael Boswell PERTH — The WA Liberal government will dissolve the City of Perth council at the end of 1993. Since the former Labor government introduced adult suffrage in local government in the mid-'80s, pressure has been applied by city
By Karen Fredericks Reclaim the Night marches, against protesting violence against women, gathered more support than ever around the country this year. Green Left Weekly spoke to women who attended marches in just some of the many centres in
By Craig Cormick Based on highly reliably international contacts, leaked documents and horoscopes from several TV magazines, Nostradamus' Media Watch presents a highly accurate forecast of political events across the globe. Surprise UN
Anger and Love By Justina Williams Fremantle Arts Press. 280 pp. $16.95 Reviewed by Dave Riley In answer to the question, "Are you or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?", many supporters of the federal Labor government
Something to sing about The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir recorded live by the ABC Larrikin records, $25 (proceeds to the AIDS trust of Australia) Reviewed by Karen Fredericks One of the things I really regret missing this year is the
The Environmental Youth Alliance organised protest actions in most capital cities during October on the theme "People against pollution". In Brisbane 50 people gathered in the Queen Street Mall, for an environmental speakout on October 23. Following
By Helen Shaw and Duncan Chapple LONDON — In the largest anti-racist mobilisation in Britain since the 1970s, 50,000 mainly young people marched in protest towards the British National Party headquarters on October 16. The march's progress
By Ossi Rask Something is wrong. It has something to do with the unofficial slogan of the lower-level bureaucrats: "The more chaos, the better". The gross national product of China last year grew by 12.8%. In the first quarter of this year