Latvia: Left bloc wins huge vote amid austerity


The Harmony Centre, a coalition of left-wing parties, won 59% of popular vote in the municipal elections held in this Eastern European country on June 1.

The coalition is made up of the social-democratic party Harmony and the Socialist Party of Latvia (heir of the Communist Party, which was declared illegal in 1994).

The coalition belongs to the all-European Union (EU) political bloc European United Left-Nordic Green Left, which includes the major communist-leaning coalitions and parties, such as Greece's Syriza, Germany's Die Linke, France's Left Front, Spain's United Left and Ireland's Sinn Fein, among others.

While the EU and the International Monetary Fund insist that Latvia is an example of the “success” of the draconian policies of “austerity for the poor, huge profits for the rich” that they sponsor and dictate all around, the reality is that Latvia has been ravaged by such policies (as the funny video below shows).

Latvians know better, and voted for change in these elections. The election implies that Latvia, which should hold national elections before the end of 2014, will most likely not enter the Eurozone, as the European Commission and the current government planned to do.

It is also a setback for the United States and its imperial extension: NATO.

The “cablegate” (to which we must thank WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning) showed that the US diplomats were already on their toes before 2011 because of the increased popular support for the Harmony Centre in Latvia, whichr is not just left-leaning but also sympathetic to the plea of Russian descendants (excluded from automatic nationality rights but representing a third of the country's population) and clearly opposed to EU's impositions and determined to exit NATO.

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