KURDISTAN: PUK attacks Worker Communist Party of Iraq


The following statement was issued by Rebwar Ahmad, secretary of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq on July 14. Green Left Weekly readers are urged to respond to the WCPI's urgent appeal for solidarity.

On July 14, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), as part of its oppressive policy against the Worker Communist Party of Iraq and the equality and freedom-seeking movement, occupied the suburbs around the offices of our party in Sulaimaniya with a huge military force. The PUK intends to impose a war on our party that will result in destruction of the life and peace of the people.

Consistent with their attacks during the last several days by arresting our members and supporters, on July 14 the PUK arbitrarily arrested 18 people.

While two of our comrades were heading from the office of the leading committee to the party's radio station, the PUK forces targeted them. Our comrades responded. After a long period of shooting between the two sides, which extended to other suburbs, one of our comrades was injured and taken captive by the PUK's armed men.

The oppressive actions of the PUK during the last few days, especially today's arrogant action, show once again the reactionary, anti-freedom nature of this party. The attacks are further evidence that the PUK has always been a factor for creating wars, killing, insecurity and the violation of the freedom and rights of people, serving the reactionary states in the region and imposing its militarism on society.

We call on all the freedom-loving people in Kurdistan and the region, and all the parties, mass organisations, progressive personalities and human right defenders in the world to take a stand against this offensive by the PUK, and to expose it. We call on them to press the PUK to give up this warmongering, to resort to political solutions to the problems and to respect human freedom and rights.

We are hoping for prompt action on this issue.

[A report received on July 16 indicated that six WCPI members have now been killed, many more have been wounded and 30 are in jail. The lives of all WCPI members are in danger.

Please send letters demanding that the attacks on the WCPI stop and that all WCPI members be released immediately to: Jalal Talabani, President, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Sulaimaniya, Kurdistan Iraq. Send copies to the WCPI in Australia at <shemal1@ihug.com.au>.]