Write on: Letters to the editor Equality of opportunity? Readers may have seen a recent series in the Australian on inequality. Much rubbish was written, some of which I hope to address later. However, particularly striking was the consensus
Derogatory and insulting "George Wallace, Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond became regional leaders, not in spite of, but because of, their overt appeals to our racism. And no matter how much we try to look the other way and pretend that [it is]
Human rights in China have deteriorated sharply, according to Amnesty International, which described Beijing's crackdown on peaceful dissent in 1999 as "the most serious and wide-ranging" in the last 10 years. "Thousands of people were arbitrarily
MUNYARADZI GWISAI, a member of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) Zimbabwe, was elected to the national parliament in the June 24-25 general election as a Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) MP. PETER MANSON, from the British Weekly
SOUTH AFRICA: Privatisers gets 'Seattled' JOHANNESBURG — Holding up an unexploded orange water balloon like a trophy, South Africa's water and forestry department director-general Mike Muller beamed with relief. He and a gathering of water
PAKISTAN: Journalists appeal for help LAHORE — Police raided the Lahore Press Club on July 10 in an attempt to arrest a small traders' leader holding a press conference inside the building. Twenty-four journalists who sought to deny the police
Aboriginal rally condemns government 'war' BY RUSSELL PICKERING SYDNEY — The federal government's policy towards the Aboriginal people would turn the Sydney Olympics into "the games of shame, not the games of peace", Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Prisons 'out of bounds' for media BY KAREN FREDERICKS BRISBANE — Queensland police have charged three women prisoners and a journalist with criminal offences after an article appeared in the Townsville Bulletin alleging abusive treatment in the
The following statement was issued by Rebwar Ahmad, secretary of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq on July 14. Green Left Weekly readers are urged to respond to the WCPI's urgent appeal for solidarity. On July 14, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
Hospital dispute grows bitter BY STAN THOMPSON BRISBANE — Despite early signs of a breakthrough, the hospital workers' pay dispute escalated last week, with stop-work meetings and 24-hour strikes in dozens of hospitals across the state. Labor
Rock Against Racism 2 The Urban Guerillas are performing at Rock Against Racism 2 in Sydney, Thursday August 10, 7.30pm, Harbourside Brasserie. Proceeds go to Green Left Weekly, Art Resistance and the Indigenous Students Network. Phone Jill on 9596
On the evening of June 1, David Russell, senior solicitor at the British law firm Towells, received an unexpected phone call. Rio Tinto, the world's largest mining corporation, wanted to surrender. Russell was representing former Rio Tinto workers,
Call for international protests against sanctions on Iraq The following statement was issued by Jalal Mohammed from the Worker Communist Party of Iraq (email <shemal1@ihug.com.au> or <zarya@ihug.com.au>) and John Percy, national
Work conditions not in the 'Olympic spirit' BY ALANA KERR SYDNEY — Construction work at Olympics venues across the city has been disrupted by the discovery that 24 New Zealand workers were employed on inferior conditions to their Australian
Up to 120,000 East Timorese are still languishing in refugee camps throughout West Timor 10 months after the post-referendum rampage by the Indonesian military and their pro-integration militia proxies forced around 290,000 East Timorese across the
Kazem, a refugee from Iraq, arrived in Australia by boat from Indonesia in October. University educated and with a family in Iraq, he hoped to make a new life in Australia, free from constant fear. He planned to bring his wife and children out to


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