Justice for Mr Ward

Rally demanding justice for Mr Ward in Perth, July 11. Photo: Alex Bainbridge

On September 22, 20 people protested outside the Western Australian parliamentary hearing into the transportation of detained persons to call for an end to private companies transporting prisoners.

The protest was organised by the Western Australian Deaths in Custody Watch Committee (DICWC). The inquiry was held in light of the death of Aboriginal elder Mr Ward, who was cooked to death in the back of a private security company van in January 2008.

Members of DICWC and Daisy Ward, cousin of Mr Ward, gave evidence at the hearing and called for justice for Mr Ward and his family.

After the hearing, the speakers said they were hopeful that significant changes would be made. The next major event for DICWC will be the Annual John Pat Memorial day service held at Fremantle Prison on Friday October 9.

To find out more, contact the Deaths in Custody Watch Committee at www.deathsincustody.org.au .