IPCC shows urgent action needed, 350.org says


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its first installment of its fifth assessment report (AR5) on climate change in Stockholm on September 27.

Around the world, environmental groups, experts and activists reacted to the findings. They highlighted the response the report should generate as the planet faces the “unprecedented” rate of global warming and the irrefutable consensus by the world's scientific community.

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For most, the report's findings represent only a more precise and updated affirmation of what has been known to most experts for decades. But the report shows that the powerful forces, and the misinformation they push, must be pushed aside.

Bill McKibben, leader of climate action group 350.org, said: “We've won the scientific argument for fifteen years ― we know beyond any doubt that carbon is warming the atmosphere.

“But we also know beyond any doubt that fossil fuel money is polluting the politics of climate. That's why we keep building movements.”

In a statement, 350.org said:
“The report, which is the most authoritative, comprehensive assessment of scientific knowledge on climate change, finds with near certainty that greenhouse gas emissions are warming the planet and that climate impacts are accelerating ― including greater sea ice melt; sea level rise; and dangerous ocean and surface level warming.

“Scientists have upped the certainty that humans are responsible for warming, increasing their confidence to 95%.

“Of importance to note that the IPCC’s carbon budget assessment recognises the amount of emissions to keep within 2°C is finite serving as a timely reminder of the systemic risk sitting on the books of extractives companies.

“Currently, the fossil fuel industry has roughly 2795 gigatons of CO2 in their reserves. To keep emissions under that threshold, major polluting nations would need to commit to policies to keep nearly 80% of those fossil fuel reserves underground.”

[Abridged from Common Dreams.]

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