Indonesian prisoners released


Indonesian prisoners released

Two Indonesian Communist Party political prisoners, Rewang and Martosuwandi, were unexpectedly released from Cipinang Prison, Jakarta, on July 24, apparently on the orders of President Suharto.

Rewang should have been released in January 1988. Persistent efforts by his wife to secure his release, assisted by the Legal Aid Institute in Jakarta, were unsuccessful. Martosuwandi's release was due in 1987.

Another prisoner, police Brigadier General Sutarto, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, whose release was also due in 1988 but who was not freed, went mad in prison. It is not known whether he is also to be released.

Sources in Jakarta quote Justice Department circles as saying former deputy prime minister Dr Subandrio and former Air Force commander Air Marshal Omar Dhani, both serving life sentences, will soon be released as well. Both men were given death sentences, which were commuted to life following a clemency plea to Suharto. — Tapol/Pegasus

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