Honduras coup film screened

BRISBANE — Quien Dijo Miedo (“We are not afraid”), an film about the popular resistance to the military coup that took place in June last year in the Central American country of Honduras, was shown at the Queensland Council of Unions building on August 6.

The screening was sponsored by organisations including the Communist Party of Australia, the Revolutionary Socialist Party, the Socialist Alliance, Guatemalan group URNG-MAIZ Australia, the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, and the El Salvadoran FMLN.

The film provides a dramatic of account events in Honduras from June since the coup through the stories of participants in the popular struggle. Guest speaker Warwick Fry, a journalist with extensive experience in Central America, emphasised the importance of international solidarity with the continuing struggle of the Honduran people.

“The National Resistance Front of Honduras is as strong as ever”, Fry said. “But we need to increase international solidarity with the Honduran people.”