High spirits at Occupy Sydney after four days

Occupy Sydney general assembly, October 17. Photo: Kate Ausburn

The occupation of Sydney’s Martin Place continued into its fourth day with a kitchen, information desk, media centre and people’s library set-up, as protesters come and go from the now comfortably established rally site.

Spirits amongst rally goers remained high on Sunday, the second day of the protest and the morning after the late night police raid, which saw officers confiscate tents and various other belongings. (After negotiations with police on Saturday night, items including carpet used as a floor mat, most sleeping bags, milk crates of food and other supplies, and various personal belongings were allowed to be kept at the site.)

More than 50 people camped out on Sunday evening, despite cold weather and some rain. Plenty more returned to camp during Monday, and more still came back in the evening, after having finishing work for the day. The information desk was kept busy as many passersby stopped for a chat.

A marathon four-hour general assembly was held on Monday evening. One speaker reported, to much applause, that the Maritime Union of Australia would be bringing a BBQ to the next big rally (at noon on Saturday October 22) and that discussions were being sought with the police union.

Messages of solidarity have already been received from NTEU NSW, CFMEU Construction and General NSW, and Canterbury Bankstown Association of the NSW Teacher’s Federation.

A number of decisions were made throughout the assembly, including to make stickers saying ”we are the 99%” and publicising the website, to be funded by donations (“the community chest”), to open a PO Box and credit union account, and to support global occupy movements.

A proposal was made to call for banks to be nationalised, but after hours of discussion it was decided that was one conversation for another night.

[Republished from kateausburn.com.]