'Health risk' from Telecom tower


'Health risk' from Telecom tower

ADELAIDE — Henley Beach residents are being "kept in the dark" over proposals to construct a six-metre telecommunications structure (for mobile phone services) on the roof of the Western Community Hospital.

Neither Telecom nor the Western Hospital has replied to questions and concerns voiced by residents and Henley and Grange Council over the past few months, according to local resident Kate Barrett.

The proposal is to place a collection of 18 three-metre antennae and a three-metre plant room on the eastern end of the hospital roof. The structure is an alternative to the more usual 27-metre towers being constructed around Australia by the three telecommunications companies.

Henley and Grange residents have been fighting Telecom for more than three years on this issue. Two previous attempts by Telecom to site towers in the district have failed after campaigns and public meetings which have demonstrated opposition to any tower structure in the area.

Barrett, who has been involved in opposing Telecom's proposals for the past seven months, said, "Telecom has avoided any personal contact with local residents and has refused to hold a public meeting. Two previous public meetings in Henley Beach over the past three years united residents in their opposition to these towers. Now Telecom has lost patience with us and is showing it's true colours by keeping us in the dark.

"It appears there are no accurate plans for the building structure. Neither Telecom nor the hospital will answer our questions and they won't even tell us when the board will meet to make a decision.

"Even in the few months since this latest plan unfolded new evidence is coming to light about the health hazards posed by the electromagnetic radiation technology used in these mobile phone services."