GREEN LEFT TV: "Save TAFE, Sack Ted" Thousands march against TAFE cuts


On August 16, around 4000 people rallied in Melbourne to Save TAFE in Victoria. Staff, students and supporters mobilised from around Melbourne as well as from regional centres such as Ballarat and Geelong.

Since the Baillieu government cut $300 million from the TAFE sector, hundreds of teachers and support staff have been sacked, campuses are facing closure, courses have been shut down and fees have been massively increased for thousands of students.

AEU TAFE President Greg Barclay said: "This is the most barbaric attack on TAFE we've seen. The public education system belongs to the people".

NTEU President Colin Long said: "TAFE means quality public education not dodgy private colleges. We must get rid of the bad education system theat sees budget cuts as the solution to all problems. Our campaign must unite with other sectors of the community to build a movement against the privatisation of education."

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