Green It Up returns


Green It Up returns

By Maurice Sibelle

BRISBANE — Brisbane's weekly infotainment night, Green It Up, opened with a bang on February 27. The Celtic Club, packed with supporters of Green Left Weekly, eagerly listened to the sounds of the bluesy Ian Oliver. Hot Potatoes, one of 1991's most popular bands, was cheered enthusiastically, while local band Third World Theory blasted the night away.

In keeping with the Green It Up tradition, Charlie Guthrie, Bundaberg musician, just passing through town, stumbled into the Celtic Club and ended up on the stage. The crowd cheered as he was joined by a drummer from the audience, various percussionists and backing vocalists.

Natasha Simmons, Resistance organiser, spoke on the first year of Green Left Weekly. Other speakers on the open platform included Susan Price from Women's Abortion Campaign, Brendan Greenhill from the Anti-Bases Coalition and Philippa Stanford from Action Solidarity Indonesia. Bob Henderson read poetry.

If the first night for 1992 was any indication this will be a big year for Green It Up. Organised by Resistance, Green It Up is a fundraiser for Green Left Weekly.

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