By Barb Kempnich ADELAIDE — The city's newest women's venue, the Red Shed, will present its next Women Performing on Friday, March 13, at 8 p.m. Among the performers will be Dani Burbrook singing original music of a contemporary flavour,
Progress in talks with US By Stephen Robson Negotiations between Vietnam and the United States took place in Fiji from February 10 to 15. The US delegation included representatives from the State Department, Congress, the business community
SYDNEY — Peace Squadron member Ian Carswell was arrested on February 22 after painting "Nuclear Free Pacific" in fluorescent red paint on the bow of the French Warship Garonne. Carswell said: "My actions were motivated by a desire to
Right to choose demanded in South Africa According to a report in the Johannesburg Star by journalist Zingisa Mkhuma, at least 250,000 illegal abortions are performed in South Africa each year. Activists in the Abortion Reform Action Group
Changing Our Lives: Women working in the women's movement 1970-1990 Edited by Maud Cahill and Christine Dann Bridget Williams Books, NZ, 1991 Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Reading this book was a nostalgic and enjoyable experience. Like the 21
Furore over Brunswick baths By Pip Hinman MELBOURNE — The Brunswick City Council may not be permitted to schedule women-only sessions at the Brunswick swimming pool because this would allegedly discriminate against men. On March 5, the
Fusion I disagree with Doug Lorimer, who asks "Should we oppose fusion technology?" (Feb. 19) He claims two things which I find unbelievable: that we could increase energy production between 300 and 700 times the present level without adversely
Lesbians and gays oppose racism By Michael Schembri SYDNEY — The national gay magazine, Campaign, is embroiled in controversy over a racist letter run without an editorial disclaimer, which was dropped for a late advertisement. Act-Up
Progress in case of framed US unionist By Paul Roberts "Congratulations on a great victory. Now let us expose the frame-up", said Tim Anderson, in a message to jailed US trade unionist Mark Curtis. Anderson was twice framed and twice
By Tom Jordan and John Tognolini SYDNEY — "We're confident", NSW Aboriginal leader Arthur Murray told Green Left Weekly following a February 26 appeal in the NSW Supreme Court over charges of assault and riotous assembly arising from the 1987


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