Gavin Mooney and Del Weston: Gentle, tireless advocates for human freedom and dignity

Del Weston, Gavin Mooney.

The members and supporters of Socialist Alliance join progressive minded people across Australia and around the world in mourning the heart wrenching and tragically unexpected loss of Gavin Mooney and Del Weston.

Del and Gavin were as kind and loving in their personal dealings with everyone they met as they were committed to the liberation and freedom of all humanity. They were strong supporters of Green Left Weekly; making regular donations, hosting fund-raisers and recently making a significant contribution to the new Green Left TV project.

Gavin and Del were also keen to share their areas of professional academic expertise with activists. We remember their presentations at our 2010 Socialist Ideas seminar; Gavin on the campaign for properly funded and managed public health care, and Del on the impact of global warming on the poor in Africa.

They are well known to and will be sorely missed by campaigners for Aboriginal health, against privatisation, for refugee rights and against global warming just to name a few. We convey our deepest love and condolences to their families and many, many friends.