Fridays4Forests protest comes to NSW Parliament

Photo: Fridays4Forests

The first “Fridays4Forests” protest outside New Sotuh Wales Parliament House on June 17 was organised to highlight the plight of koalas and native forests.

North East Forests campaigner Sean O’Shannessy said the government’s mismanagement of the logging industry and development “has put our koalas at risk of imminent extinction”.

“We are living in a climate crisis and we are seeing more extremes every day causing destruction to our way of life.

“Our forests are the lungs of our earth. They hold the ground together in a flood and cool the ground in a heat wave.”

Fridays4Forests events have been going for the past two years to protect the forests of the mid-North and far-North coast of NSW, O’Shannessy said.

“Now this movement is spreading into our state’s capital. The NSW election is in nine months and now is the time for a government that puts our planet before profit.”