An election budget in Queensland


An election budget in Queensland

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — “Queensland treasurer Joan Sheldon's budget is a confidence trick aimed at winning votes, while doing nothing for working people”, Democratic Socialist candidates in the state election said on May 15.


Graham Matthews, candidate for Brisbane Central, and Coral Wynter, standing in South Brisbane, slammed the Coalition government for giving more handouts to big business, while continuing funding cuts to education, health, child-care and other basic services.

They said: “The increase in the land tax rebate and cuts in stamp duty will mainly assist the wealthy, while capital works spending on schools will be slashed by $66 million.”

Cuts of about $7 million to state-funded child-care centres will worsen a growing crisis caused by federal funding cutbacks. Yet “the $1.4 billion windfall from selling public assets such as Suncorp-Metway, the TAB, government buildings and cars, has been eaten up by concessions to big business”, the Democratic Socialists said.

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