Elders call for protests against Muckaty waste dump

Aboriginal elders at Muckaty, 120 kilometres north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, have called for a weekend of protest in Tennant Creek on May 7 and 8 against the federal government’s plan to build a radioactive waste dump in the area.

Traditional owners Dianne Stokes, Mark Chungaloo, Mark Lane and Bunny Naburula said on April 22: “We are the traditional owners of the Muckaty Land Trust, where the government is trying to put a radioactive waste dump.

“On behalf of the traditional elders and all the Warlmampa people we want to invite you to come out to Tennant Creek to support our community and show the government the strong opposition to a waste dump being imposed on our land.

“In mid-May the government is voting on a new law, the National Radioactive Waste Management Act, which names Muckaty as the one site for the waste dump. They are determined it will go ahead but we are determined to stop them.”

Activist group Beyond Nuclear Initiative has also called for supporters to join the protests in Tennant Creek or help by making a donation to assist in organising the weekend of action.

[For more details and to donate visit http://beyondnuclearinitiative.com/ ]

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