Ecopella launches new album

Ecopella choir members in 2019. Photo supplied.

Ecopella are a troupe of progressives who bring musical instruments, protest songs and humour to Sydney protests. The choir celebrates 23 years this year.

“Save-the-world music” has been Ecopella’s catchphrase for most of its life, during which it has rallied activists and expressed commonly-held ideas of environmental justice in vocal harmony. During that time it has preserved its musical work in a number of CD recordings.

The fourth and latest recording, You’re Needed Now, takes its title from a song by alto Dallas de Brabander that reminds us “there’s strength in numbers”.

Strength is what the album is chiefly about.

Its third album, Green Footprints, delved into more introspective and solemn pieces. This album, by contrast, is full of fire, energy and power: As Cathy Rytmeister, another of the choir’s altos puts it: “the power of our marching feet, our voices raised along the street, will see this battle won!”

[You’re Needed Now will be launched in Sydney on Sunday June 27 at 3pm at the Gaelic Club in Devonshire Street near Central Station. Admission is free, and CDs are $25 each. Children must be accompanied by an adult, and stay away from the bar. If COVID-19 restrictions force (another) cancellation of the event, this will be posted on the choir’s website,]