Delivered like a letter bomb


Political Prisoners
Through Warners Music
Reviewed by Jen Crothers
Those who are at all interested in hardcore music will be interested in the latest offering from iNsuRge. Political Prisoners is a five-track EP with a radical message — something very rare in music that gets mainstream release.

The title track has been getting airplay on community stations, JJJ and even on MMM in Brisbane. The song explains that poor "people incarcerated for fraud, stealing and larceny, and all other crimes involving property" aren't criminals but political prisoners. A pretty hard-hitting message, delivered like a letter bomb.

The industrial music of iNsuRge is driven by percussion. It is full of energy that rolls by. Electronic samples and loops are used extensively. It has an aggressive edge, but it is far from being cynical.

Lyricist Chris Dubrow sees big possibilities for the cynicism of modern culture to be turned into positive action, particularly from young people. He told Green Left Weekly that he sees the media as one of the battlegrounds today between people and multinationals. "We don't need to put out equal amounts of bullshit, but we do need to get professional."

The band have found that those far up in the music business don't particularly understand the politics of what they are releasing. Their contract with Warner specifies that there be no interference in the music or content. "Concepts such as those on the IMF (International Mother Fuckers) EP are very new to these people. They haven't even thought about the fact that international aid can be abused."

Dubrow is a fan of the information superhighway, though he does question its accessibility. "We're not just talking about people on low incomes in Australia. Most people in the world don't have electricity or telephones, let alone computers. It should be called the First World Wide Web. However, it can be a powerful weapon for activists."

iNsuRge's first album will probably be released early next year. If Political Prisoners is any indication, it will be a great buy for radical groovers.