Cuban women's tour


Cuban women's tour

July 22-30

Berta Acosta Sequi and Nancy Iglesias from the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) will be visiting Australia on July 22-30. This is a special opportunity to share experiences and learn from revolutionary women.

If you would you like to co-sponsor, help publicise or fundraise, or set up a meeting with the FMC, phone (03) 9386 3230 (Melbourne), (03) 5253 3373 (Geelong) or email <>.

Co-sponsors: Radical Women, Green Left Weekly, LINKS (Committee in Solidarity with the FMLN in El Salvador), Progressive Labour Party (Geelong branch), Resistance, Committees in Solidarity with Latin America and the Carribean, Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (Brisbane & Sydney), Ocean Travel. Endorsers: Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (Adelaide & Melbourne); Carlo Carli ALP Member for Coburg (Vic); Chilean Popular & Indigenous Network; Committee in Defence of Iraqi Women's Rights; Cuba Solidarity Coalition; Democratic Socialist Party; Domestic Violence & Incest Resource Centre; Freedom Socialist Party; Friends of the Earth; Geelong Women's Action Coalition; Green Team; International Federation of Immigrant & Refugee Councils — Iraq; Craig Johnston; Sue Kelman; La Trobe University; Latin American Society, Latin American Studies, University of Western Sydney; Madres de Plaza de Mayo; Audrey McDonald; Graciela Nogues, Latin American solidarity activist; Professor James Petras; Progressive Labour Party (Melbourne North branch); Karen Throssell; Union of Australian Women; Victorian Trades Hall Council; Wathaurong Women's Group, Wathaurong Co-Operative, Geelong; Women's Health in the South East; Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (NSW); Working Women Organisation-Pakistan.

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