BY SUSAN PRICE Women today face a concerted ideological backlash and escalating attacks on our rights as the leaders of neo-liberalism attempt to eradicate many of the hard won gains of the second wave of the women's liberation movement in the
MOSCOW — Immediately after Media-MOST head Vladimir Gusinsky was arrested, protests began. Particularly vocal were people who only a little earlier had been rushing to nominate Vladimir Putin for president, who had extolled his promised
BY BECKY ELLIS TORONTO — Twelve hundred people demanded entry to the Ontario parliament building here on June 15, saying they should be allowed to address the provincial legislature about poverty and homelessness in the city. The protesters were
INDONESIA: Situation explosive as economic and political crisis deepens The 10 years to 1998 was a decade of escalating mass protest in Indonesia, climaxing in the 1998 mobilisations of hundreds of thousands of people across the archipelago which
BY KATH O'DRISCOLL MELBOURNE — Socialists and anti-corporate activists from around Australia will descend on this city for the 29th Resistance national conference from June 29 to July 3. They will be joined by international guests from Pakistan,
BY MICHAEL STRUTT SYDNEY — As this city shivers through the long nights of its Olympics year, New South Wales parliamentarians have been working overtime to pass into law sweeping new police powers to collect and examine our DNA, laws which will
ASIO stalks Burmese activists BY SEAN HEALY SYDNEY — The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has been following Burmese refugees in Australia and phoning them every day to check up on their activities, Maung Maung Than,
Corporate mobsters to meet in casino BY SEAN HEALY If their rackets were heroin and prostitution, their meeting would be called a Godfathers' convention. But their rackets are more legitimate, or at least more legal, so their
Cubans discuss environmental sustainability What can Australian environmentalists learn from Cuba, a country that still flirts with nuclear power, is besieged by many environmental problems typical of the Third World, and lags behind countries like
Opposition to the George Speight's terrorist coup in Fiji is coming mainly from the Pacific island country's trade union movement. As it becomes clear that the military and the elite have done more to help rather than hinder Speight, wider sections
BY DANIEL JARDINE & ALEX BAINBRIDGE "Australians and New Zealanders rarely have any valid basis for questioning the safety of foods on the supermarket shelves for human consumption", Senator Grant Tambling claimed when he launched the
The first issue of RESIST!, "North America's only independent Marxist-feminist magazine", was released on June 15. The Canadian magazine is the work of the Resistance Collective, which is seeking to build a new, revitalised socialist organisation in
ALP betrays WA sex workers BY AMIE HAMILTON PERTH — After months of joining with the Australian Democrats and WA Greens to block a repressive new bill on prostitution, WA Labor has signed a deal with the Liberal Party to allow the bill's
Cuban women's tour July 22-30 Berta Acosta Sequi and Nancy Iglesias from the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) will be visiting Australia on July 22-30. This is a special opportunity to share experiences and learn from revolutionary women. If you
BY BILL MASON BRISBANE — Residents of Springbrook, in the Gold Coast hinterland, have vowed to fight tooth and nail against a proposed Naturelink tourist cableway in the region. Thirty of them protested outside a June 18 meeting attended by
The Olympics won't benefit Sydney BY MARINA CARMAN SYDNEY — The mass media awash with pictures of the Olympics torch winding its way around the country. There are excited countdowns of the number of "sleeps" before the Olympic Games begin. And


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