CPSU election forum


By Katrina Dean CANBERRA — The CPSU national leadership organised a candidates' forum here on February 28. Only three candidates for the seat of Canberra were invited to speak — Senator Bob McMullen (ALP), Gwen Willcox (Liberals) and Gordon McAllister (Australian Greens). The other candidate, Sue Bull from the Democratic Socialists, who had not been invited to speak, attended the meeting. Wendy Caird, joint national secretary of the CPSU, opened the meeting by saying that "under the ALP government, industrial relations have been fairly harmonious". Bull, from the floor, noted that the Democratic Socialists' industrial relations policies, which advocate an extension of the public sector and social services, "are more progressive than those of the parties represented here". That night the ACT branch of the CPSU met for its conference. Democratic Socialist Maree Roberts, a delegate from Human Services and Health, moved to "condemn and fight cuts to jobs and conditions" imposed by Labor and which form part of the Liberal Party's policies. The motion was adopted with amendments.