By Sue Bull CANBERRA — Since February 23, when it was ordered to negotiate with unions over their 9% pay claim, the Carnell Liberal minority government has used every possible tactic to stall negotiations. Mediators unacceptable to the unions have
Based on highly reliable international contacts, leaked documents and horoscopes from several TV magazines, Nostradamus' Media Watch presents a highly accurate forecast of political events across the globe. Buchanan runs alone After Pat Buchanan's
Right wingers The recent activity of the South Australian Police (SApol) in exposing the links between the neo-Nazi group National Action (NA) and the sinister world of illegal arms dealing and illicit drug distribution should be commended. The next
Women in a Restructuring AustraliaAnne Edwards & Susan Magarey (eds)Allen & Unwin, 1995. 319 pp., $29.95Reviewed by Melanie Sjoberg We are constantly confronted by imagery and articles in the establishment media which attempt to enforce the view that
JACKIE GRUNSELL is a member of Militant Labour in Sheffield. She was interviewed for Green Left Weekly by WENDY ROBERTSON. Can you tell me about the situation with racism in Britain and the campaigns that Militant has been running against it? One of
By Reihana Mohideen MANILA — Around 20,000 workers representing some 300 factory-based unions attended the first regular congress of the socialist labour centre BMP (Solidarity of Filipino Workers), held here on February 21. Elected unanimously by
By Natasha Simons Several hundred university students joined Resistance campus clubs around the country at first year orientation weeks, held over the past two weeks. In addition, around 1200 copies of Green Left Weekly were sold and hundreds of
R.I.P. "In Rupert Murdoch and Ken Cowley we have two men beside us we trust with our lives." — Fax to media organisations from Canberra Raider players aligned with Murdoch's would-be Super League. Of others? "The number one champion of nuclear
By Michael Karadjis SYDNEY — "Residents terrorised by 50-strong Deuce gang", claimed one of the tabloids recently, regarding some incidents on the East Fairfield Housing Estate (Villawood). In fact "deuce" was just a word written on walls by an
US pilots have been violating international law by entering Cuban airspace for many years. Since 1994, there have been at least nine incursions, according to Cuban authorities; after each, protest notes were lodged with the United States Interests


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