Country music star releases anti-war song



Australia's singing cowboy James Blundell is singing a different tune to the posse of good ol' boys in the White House, led by George "Texas Ranger" Bush.

The top-selling country singer has released a song, "Back it up", "dedicated to one simple question the whole world is asking, 'Do we want a war?'. Blundell describes himself has "a worried man" because of the war on Iraq. "It is a war that could change his and his family's lives forever ... and there seems that there is nothing that anybody can do about it. However, James has done something about it", states the troubadour's press release.

The song asks the world's leaders to think, "Have the last wars really sorted out the world's problems?"

"Before we step right off the edge
Before 'We are at war' is said
Before we start to count the dead
Back it up
Everybody breathes, Everybody bleeds."

Blundell hopes these lines from the song will be heard by millions and will make them think about the consequences and justness of the looming war.

The song can be downloaded free from <> and Blundell's urges all to share it with anybody they feel may be interested in it.

Blundell hopes that "Back It Up" will become the anthem of many of the world's peace organisations and concerned parties all over the planet.

From Green Left Weekly, March 12, 2003.

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