East Timorese foreign minister Jose Ramos Horta's defence of Washington's
"aggressive strategy" towards Iraq is not a surprise. Horta's approach
to diplomacy throughout the struggle for East Timor's independence was
always based on offering assurances to the US government that an independent
East Timor would be friendly towards US interests. This approach was bound
to lead to major defects of memory (and analysis) once independence was
achieved. These defects are most evident in his article "War for peace?
It worked in my country", published in the Sydney Morning Herald
and the Age on February 25.

The decline in bulk-billing by doctors has been making headlines
for weeks. In February, it was revealed that the percentage of doctors
who bill Medicare directly and do not bill patients has dropped dramatically
under the

According to an Associated Press report, 200,000 people took to the streets of the capital of Yemen, Sana, on March 1 to protest against a US attack against Iraq and demand that Arab leaders to take steps to avert war.
Protesters carried banners

ROME — On March 4, the general secretary of Funzione Pubblica CGIL (the public sector workers' union affiliate of the General Confederation of Italian Workers) announced that there would be a one-day public sector general strike on March 15,

SYDNEY — "The Murdoch-owned Sunday Telegraph's attack on the NSW Greens on March 2 reveals how nervous some are about the Greens likely successes in the NSW elections", said Sam Wainwright, Socialist Alliance candidate for

US President George Bush's administration estimates that the US federal budget deficit will balloon to US$304 billion this fiscal year, but has not yet given any forecast of the financial costs of its planned invasion and occupation of

High and Mighty: SUVs — the World's Most Dangerous Vehicles and How They Got That WayBy Keith BradsherPublic Affairs Press, 2002468 pages, $62 hb
Explorer, Patrol, Land Cruiser, Discovery, Range Rover, Jackaroo — the names say

HOBART — Factional opposition to outspoken anti-war parliamentarian Harry Quick was publicly revealed on March 1. The Saturday Mercury reported that the ALP "Left" faction was trying to replace Quick — who is not aligned with

Anti-war protest in Taree
Two-hundred-and-fifty protesters marched from Johnny Martin Oval to the Queen Elizabeth Park in Taree on Saturday February 14, where they listened to speakers from across the board. All spoke against the war in Iraq. As

Washington has turned the diplomatic battle over the passage of a UN Security Council resolution that it can claim gives it a mandate to invade Iraq into a charade.
The resolution itself is a cynical ploy. It does not provide any


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