Council workers demand better pay

On July 27, Cockburn Shire council workers took industrial action in protest to the managements offer of a pay-rise in this years new enterprise bargaining agreement. The workers for the shire, which is in southern Perth, have refused the offer, which falls sort of what they consider fair.

The workers belong to two unions, the Australian Services Union (ASU) and the Local Government Racing and Cemeteries Employees Union (LGRCEU), which are organising their pay campaign.

The City of Cockburn is one of the lowest paying councils in the Perth metropolitan area. After tax, most outside staff workers get $38,000 a year.

The ASU and LGRCEU tried to negotiate a reasonable deal with management, only to hit a brick wall. The outside staff will not budge in their demands. The unions have organised a barbecue and drinks for the workers — as well as shelter.

Council workers have asked the unions to lodge an application for strike, so the battle has only begun.