Colombia: The real terrorists


[The following communiqué was issued in May by the command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army.]

Once again the State Department of the United States, has classified the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP) as an international terrorist organisation linked to drug trafficking.

We will get to the point: the government of the United States is the biggest terrorist institution of all times, which today is destroying with its "smart bombs" innocent human lives, residential areas, bridges, roads, railways, political seats, embassies, communication installations, aqueducts and fuel deposits in Yugoslavia.

The same country dropped the bomb in Japan, has supported the most brutal dictatorships in Latin America and has unleashed inhumane embargoes over sovereign nations. When it qualifies the FARC-EP in the way it does, it does so to extend a smokescreen that justifies its projected military intervention in Colombia's internal conflict. For this reason the United States pressures states and governments of the Latin American continent to support its known intrusive practices, under the false argument that the FARC-EP are a threat to Colombia's neighbouring countries.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia above all are a political-military organisation, the expression of the people who have taken up arms against an unjust regime. The FARC struggles for a new model for society whose foundation are social justice, real democracy and sovereignty.

When General Serrano, Colombia's police director, endorses the appraisals from the US State Department, he does this with the same purpose to create the conditions for US intervention in Colombia. We urge him to abandon his hypocrisy and explain to the country and international public opinion the details of his alliance — that of the police with the drug cartel of Cali, the paramilitaries of Carlos Castaño), the office of public prosecution of Gustavo Greiff, the government of [Colombian President Cesar] Gaviria and the DEA [US Drug Enforcement Agency] to battle the cartel of Medellín.

To insist on a political solution for the serious social problems of the poor peasants who cultivate coca does not give evidence to anyone, except to the inventors of lies, to connect a political organisation with drug trafficking.