It's called a brain "The Liberals are not representative of the people who vote for us, let alone the whole community. We need a mechanism whereby ideas can filter through from the grassroots to the decision makers." — Tony Chappel, new president
Queensland Labor votes to sell TAB By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Queensland Totalisator Agency Board (TAB), the government-owned centralised betting agency, will be sold to investors in a $200 million privatisation endorsed by the ALP state
... and ain't I a woman?: Not over for victims of rape NATO bombs have stopped falling on Serbia and Kosova, and the Kosovar refugees are returning, but the women of Kosova face more than the huge task of rebuilding their homes and livelihoods.
Inciting hatred: behind the KKK By Peter Robson and Adam Baker BRISBANE — For a few days this month, far right organisations operating in Australia dominated the mainstream media. Several members of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party were
By John Tomlinson The federal minister for employment and industrial relations, Peter Reith, says we can't afford to pay young people the same wages as an adult for identical work. Their youth justifies lower wages, even though we, as a nation,
By Max Lane On June 4, an anti-Golkar demonstration by People's Democratic Party (PRD) activists in the East Java town of Gresik was attacked by the Police Mobile Brigade. About 20 PRD activists and 100 onlookers were chased into alleys and beaten.
Diana Ingram, October 8, 1948-June 3, 1999 By Leigh Howlett The rainbow flag of the peace movement draped Diana Ingram's coffin as her family and friends farewelled this handsome, gallant woman who played an influential role in Australia's peace
Jabiluka World Heritage decision soon By Jim Green On July 12, the World Heritage Committee will decide whether the Kakadu National Park, which surrounds the Jabiluka uranium mine in the Northern Territory, will be listed as “World
New study points to inadequate testing of pesticides A new study in the journal Toxicology and Industrial Health identifies significant shortcomings in toxicological testing protocols currently used to register pesticides in the United States. The
Kosovars, not NATO, must decide their future The US-directed NATO air war against Serbia appears to have ended. NATO forces are occupying Kosova. NATO's bombing campaign continued by violent means its policy of seeking to preserve the political
University of Sydney wage dispute By Tyrion Perkins SYDNEY — Staff at the University of Sydney are angry and frustrated after eight months of enterprise bargaining negotiations. National Tertiary Education Industry Union (NTEU) members believe
Ocalan's execution will trigger 'new uprising' warns PKK By Norm Dixon The presidential council of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on June 10 warned the Turkish government and military that the Kurdish people would launch a "new uprising" if