The third year of Tory Blair By David Osler LONDON — Two years into their term of office, most British governments are buffeted by mid-term blues of an intensity only equalled by those proverbial blind sharecroppers, deftly finger-picking slide
Dear diary, 7.30 Look at diary. 7.45 Get up. 7.47 Check who you are in diary. 7.50 Go to lavatory. 8.15 Breakfast. 8.20 Look at diary. 8.25 Lavatory again. 8.37 Plan day ahead in diary. 8.52 Shower, shave and shampoo. 9.10 Record ablutions in
Meeting the workers of Solo By Edward Johnstone Solo is a small city by Indonesian standards — around 1 million people. It is also the centre of the textile industry for Central Java. Numerous textile factories, each covering hectares and
Timor weapons The Australian government now has clear evidence that the Indonesian army is importing weapons to East Timor to supply the pro-integration militia. Who will not remember the excuse that was offered for the training of Indonesian
By Stuart Martin CANBERRA — The ACT Trades and Labour Council has launched a campaign in defence of jobs, pay and work conditions against the ACT Liberal government. After a motion to the TLC from the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and
By Chris Lotham SYDNEY — On June 6, around 750-1000 people participated in a rally and march opposing NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia. The protest, organised by an ad hoc committee called Australians for Peace in Yugoslavia, highlighted the impact
Ever wondered why the world is so right wing? Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Intervention Since World War 2By William BlumCommon Courage Press, Monroe, ME. 1995. Review by Martin Schenke When you realise just how far Washington and the CIA
Celtic heavy metal? IndomitusSamainBloodless Creations through Modern Invasion MusicA Journey's EndPrimordialMisanthropy RecordsVisit <http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~nbassett/primordial/> Review by Ben Courtice I was attracted to the CD by
Queensland Labor votes to sell TAB By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Queensland Totalisator Agency Board (TAB), the government-owned centralised betting agency, will be sold to investors in a $200 million privatisation endorsed by the ALP state
It's called a brain "The Liberals are not representative of the people who vote for us, let alone the whole community. We need a mechanism whereby ideas can filter through from the grassroots to the decision makers." — Tony Chappel, new president
Inciting hatred: behind the KKK By Peter Robson and Adam Baker BRISBANE — For a few days this month, far right organisations operating in Australia dominated the mainstream media. Several members of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party were
... and ain't I a woman?: Not over for victims of rape NATO bombs have stopped falling on Serbia and Kosova, and the Kosovar refugees are returning, but the women of Kosova face more than the huge task of rebuilding their homes and livelihoods.